Building a static serverless website using S3 and CloudFront


Hosting static websites is great. As they only contain static assets to be downloaded by the visitor’s browser - think HTML, CSS, Javascript, Fonts, images - no server-side code such as Java or PHP needs to be run. They’re therefore typically faster to load than dynamic websites, they have a smaller attack surface, and are easier to cache for even better performance.

That is why some time ago I moved this blog from a Wordpress installation hosted on EC2 to a static website. As I was already in AWS, and I knew that S3 + CloudFront was a popular choice for hosting static websites, I decided to host my blog in S3 with CloudFront in front of it as the CDN.

I was however a little disappointed when I started configuring these services. The obvious methods for using S3 and CloudFront had some severe limitations and it took me longer than I liked to find proper solutions for these limitations. It’s not very clear from the AWS documentation how to properly host a static, serverless website using S3 and CloudFront.

Therefore, in this blog I’ll first explain the (unexpected) challenge and then provide two different solutions to this challenge. Let’s dive in!

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