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Comparing Google Cloud Serverless Compute platforms

by Bas Tichelaar on May 6, 2020

Cloud providers are abstracting away the concept of a server: meet serverless. Instead of spinning up a bunch of servers, you just deploy your code or container image and the platform will spin up the required resources. But there are quite a few options when using Google Cloud. Wietse Venema, writer of the book Mastering Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run, created a nice architectural overview of all the serverless compute options.

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Why it's great to write blog posts

by Sander Knape on Apr 17, 2020

I’ve been blogging for close to four years now. I started blogging because I wanted to pick up a new skill (writing) and challenge myself to do something new. Because I blog about what is both my work and hobby - software development and more specifically, cloud/platform engineering - it’s relatively simple to come up with new subjects and I also grow my knowledge as I write these posts. In fact: I believe that writing blog posts can be super valuable for pretty much everyone.

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COVID-19 - Working from home: what's changing?

by Benny Cornelissen on Mar 16, 2020

Over the past weeks, a large part of the world was affected by COVID-19, also known as ‘the Coronavirus’. In many of the affected countries containment measures have been taken, often requiring people to work from home. In some countries there is now a state of emergency and people are confined to their homes. In the Netherlands there’s no state of emergency (yet), but people are urged to work from home as much as possible.

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Running self-hosted GitHub Actions runners in your Kubernetes cluster

by Sander Knape on Mar 16, 2020

Last year November GitHub released GitHub Actions, a CI/CD solution build on top of GitHub’s Source Code Management. GitHub Actions is very convenient to use when your source code is already stored in GitHub as no additional tool is required for your CI/CD requirements. This blog is for example updated through a GitHub Actions workflow whenever I push an update to my GitHub repository (like I just did with this post).

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