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Reliable codified development setups with GitPod

by Benny Cornelissen on Sep 19, 2022

Local development is hard. Yes, if you pour enough time into it, you can have local setups that work fine, some might even be elegant. But not everyone has that kind of time, and not every project warrants it. Too often I find that in order to contribute to an open source project, I first have to set up all kinds of stuff to even get started. And it’s one thing if it’s a project that I use a lot, and have intimate knowledge of, and is built on a tech stack I’m good at.

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Life of a Consultant: First week at a project

by Benny Cornelissen on Jan 3, 2022

As consultants we find ourselves getting started on new projects all the time. And it’s important to get the first week right. Not only do you want to make a good impression, starting off on bad information, bad assumptions, or with bad blood will make it very difficult to be successful on a project. In our first week, we’ll focus on trying to answer 3 questions: What is the landscape?

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What they did not tell you about using Amazon DocumentDB…

by Tom Kennes on Aug 30, 2021

When migrating to AWS, there are so many services you could use! Name any use-case, and probably AWS has got your back. With over 175 AWS services readily available for you to use, you might even have multiple options! Looking for human speech generation? Use Polly. Or are you into scaling your operation beyond the earth? Get busy with satellites using AWS Ground Station. Need to set up first-line support for your customers?

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Integrating Kubernetes with 1Password for Infrastructure Secrets

by Benny Cornelissen on Jul 23, 2021

How many Cloud Engineers do you need to implement the correct solution for managing secrets in Kubernetes? The answer: pretty much all of them, and you’ll rebuild your solution roughly every other month. Cheeky remarks aside, you can probably imagine that this is a returning topic within Skyworkz, and there are as many correct solutions as there are options out there, from Bitnami SealedSecrets to Mozilla SOPS to AWS Secrets Manager to HashiCorp Vault… But in the latest iteration of this discussion our Director (who still likes to be an engineer from time to time) Bas mentioned 1Password Secrets Automation.

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