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Pragmatic Architecture - keeping an open mind

by Benny Cornelissen on Apr 12, 2023

As Architects, our experience and judgement are some of our most valuable tools, if we use them properly. Sometimes that experience can result in 'rules of thumb' being applied blindly, or even dogmatic thinking altogether. In this blog we'll explore how to spot these dogmas, and how to keep an open mind while architecting something.

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Improving our consulting skills with Mastermind sessions

by Benny Cornelissen on Mar 3, 2023

At Skyworkz we continuously try to improve our consulting skills. And as much as we like technology, the non-tech side is at least equally important. It's also a little harder to train these non-tech skills by yourself. In this blog we'll share how we are using Mastermind sessions as a means of honing our non-tech skills, how you can run them yourself, and how they make us better in several different ways.

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Launching Cloud Coach

by Benny Cornelissen on Feb 27, 2023

After helping many startups over the past year, we've looked at how we can help them in an even better way. The result is our new Cloud Coach offering, aimed at growing startups into successful self-sufficient cloud-native companies, that combines hands-off coaching with a Slack-based safety net.

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