Cloud Coach

We help you be successful in the Cloud by being involved advisors and sparring partners. We will also help you should things go wrong.

Cloud Coach

There is great value in cloud technology for startups, but having a dedicated skilled Platform Team often isn’t financially viable until they become scale-ups. With our Cloud Coach service, we help your engineers leverage cloud technology effectively by being involved advisors and sparring partners. We help you make the right decisions, gather the right skills, and build the right things the right way; all while also offering active support should things go wrong.

Hands-off Coaching

Our Cloud Coaching approach is a hands-off approach. This means we are here to offer guidance, advice, training, pair-programming, or review, all while you remain in control of your own setup. Periodically planned coaching sessions mean we stay involved in your current developments, and we can tackle current and upcoming challenges together.

When needed we can schedule extra sessions for deep-dives, architecture sessions, training, proof-of-value setups or pair-programming.

Engineering-friendly Support

Our Slack Support offers direct access to our team of experts for quick questions, or for active help should things go wrong. If your latest deployment took down your website, just ping us on Slack and we will debug with you. Every Cloud Coach client gets their own private Slack Connect channel that works right in your existing Slack Workspace.

Familiar Faces

We don’t believe in sending a different random engineer to help you every time, even if you’re ‘just a small startup’. Every Cloud Coach client gets a dedicated Cloud Consultant, and they will have an Expert Squad to back them up or to join in when specific expertise is required. Those same people will monitor your Slack Support channel. Familiar faces, who know your people and your setup.

How can Skyworkz help you be successful in the Cloud?