Whether it's a long term project or a short-term engagement, developing serverless applications or building a cloud platform: we can help.

Cloud Native Development

Developing cloud native software is fundamentally different compared to regular software development. It requires a different mindset: instead of treating the cloud as just another datacenter or landing zone, it’s an integral part of your architecture. Services like queues, databases and data pipelines enable companies to develop resilient software faster.

But, and maybe even more important, the cloud requires a deep understanding of the security model and the cost model. Often we see companies getting started in the cloud, and inflating their monthly bill without seeing any benefits. We prevent companies from making the same mistakes. Our consultants are first and foremost cloud experts, who know which service to use and what the implications are on costs and security.

Cloud Platform Engineering

Next to developing business applications, we help companies building scalable, resilient cloud platforms. With the ever-growing list of technologies, it’s hard to make the right choices. Should you go all-in on Kubernetes? How about setting up a scalable account structure? And what about security, compliance and other business requirements?

Our consultants have years of experience building cloud platforms. They can help you make the right choices. Every organisation is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need experts, who understand your challenges and help you solve them. And rest assured, our goal is to help you with knowledge injection, not keeping your chairs warmed…

DevOps Culture Transformation

With new technology comes a new way of working. Instead of siloed expertise your engineers need to work together, and become end-to-end responsible for the product they are building. This requires a culture of collaboration, experimentation and trust. We call this DevOps.

But a new culture is not implemented over night. It requires coaching, training and guidance. And, even more important, upper management needs to be involved as well. Our consultants are able to help with this transformation to DevOps. They know how to create a lasting impact.

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